Best PHP Obfuscator (desktop version)
Download Obtain build for desired OS

* Current version is 1.99. Please go here at the bottom of the page, to see the changelog. The online and the desktop version updates are released in sync
* Linux and OS X builds will be available soon.
* Note that the software needs internet connection to work. It is only for verifying your license code and checking for updated version. If an updated version is available, dialog describing the changes will apear automatically
Getting a license Licenising options
  • 18 USD: for buying 1 license for an individual or micro-company < 10 employee. 1 year. BUY »»
  • 60 USD: for buying 1 license for an individual or micro-company < 10 employee. Unlimited time. BUY »»
  • 36 USD: for buying 1 license for small-size-company > 10 < 50 employee. 1 year. BUY »»
  • 54 USD: for buying 1 license for middle-size-company > 50 < 200 employee. 1 year. BUY »»
  • 90 USD: for buying 1 license for big company > 200 employee. 1 year. BUY »»

* Trial: Request a trial unlock code »»
* Secured purchases are offered by PayPal. A FULL REFUND we guarantee for 24 hours period after your purchase.
What do I buy? With each license you get
  • Ability to obfuscate php code locally, using the same algorithm as the online obfuscator located here
  • Fire & Wait - fully automated obfuscation process, which is 100% compatible with every php server
  • You receive automatic free updates and bugfixes
  • Obfuscate unlimited size projects
  • Set your own copyright header string in obfuscated .php(s)
  • Exclude files or directories from obfuscation
  • Easy to operate intuitive and nice looking graphical user interface
  • Monitor for problems during obfuscation by displaying a verbose process log
  • You are able to suggest improvements which are then very likely to be implemented
  • There are lots of improvements on the obfuscation logic which will be implemented from now on. You will be getting them instantly with no additional cost, for the period of your license.

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