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Best PHP Obfuscator is a software that we are going to offer as a demo service on our website. So many people can use it for free. It is not written in PHP like most of the other obfuscators are, and desktop version for this software is available for you to install locally, but it costs $18.

It is simply the best php and html obfuscator you can find on the internet, there are many others that offer obfuscation, some are buggy, others easy to decode, but the most common problem is incompatibility. They brake the functionality of the project that you want to obfuscate.

Also there are many encoders around, some free, others commercial, some commercial encoders are realy good, but rather expensive. Free ones are very easy to decode, and then your original code is easy retrievable for everyone who just dig for a few minutes.

Best PHP Obfuscator is obfuscator! It does not encode the source code, it does obfuscate it. That means your code is still valid PHP code, not an encoded string, but is scrambled so much that a human cannot realy UNDERSTAND it, but ordinary PHP engine can execute it. There are random algorithms built in Best PHP Obfuscator's obfuscation logic, that changes the pattern of obfuscation 'on the fly', and makes it completely obscured for every one who dare to try to understand or de-obfuscate it.

* The local version and the online version RUN exactly the same algorithm. The desktop version in addition to not uploading your code anywhere, also includes more customization. Options like: Set every .php copyright comment, exclude files, etc...
Online version: You can either obfuscate a .php / or entire project incl. subdirs (.zip, .tar.gz or .rar format):

Download desktop version for Windows and Linux
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Upload .php, .zip, tar.gz or .rar
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* Updated! If you find bug, I will try to fix. Please attach problematic .php and paste the error message to

* You need cookies enabled, otherwise the captcha will not work
* Max archive filesize: 1.2Mb
* Known issues: Currently does not support the backtick operator If your code contains such, it will probably result in wrong obfuscated code which is giving you errors. But it may also work. Try.
* 25-12-2019: Fixed bug: online version was not working since July. Now it is working as before
* 24-07-2018: Currently working on - build for the GUI version on Linux64 and OSX, build for the CLI version for Win32, Linux64 and OSX64
* 24-07-2018: Currently working on - bugfixes and upgrade to work on the most popular PHP frameworks and PHP 7
* 03-07-2017: Fixed bug - online version was giving parse error every time
* 11-01-2016: Fixed bug "hardcoded time expiration" of the offline version of the software
* 20-05-2013: Added build for Linux of the local application
* 16-03-2013: Fixed multiple problems related to wrong parsing of special "{}" braceless nested if/while/for... statements
* 16-03-2013: fixed problem with calling global define function or class instantiation BEFORE it's definition in a given .php (introduced in v 1.97)
* 15-02-2013: Fixed bug: Fatal Error class not found, when require or include statement is before a class definition extending another class defined in the included .php
* 26-01-2013: Fixed bug when concatenating with a number
* 20-01-2013: Fixed bug, when there is an alternative endif/endfor... etc, when not ending with ;, but instead is ending with ?>
* 18-01-2013: Fixed bug when for()if without space, and fixed another bug when a class field is named $object->try/catch/if/while/for
* 04-01-2013: Fixed bug with alternative structures when there's ?> right after the colon.
* 02-01-2013: Fixed bug with empty class and function define. Please if you still find any bug, report me, and I will fix immediately.
* 30-12-2012: Fixed serious bug introduced in the previous update: Incorrect parsing of if/while/for/elseif having a single instruction {without braces} inside it, when this single instruction contains a short if ( ? :)
* 27-12-2012: Implemented proper parsing of alternative control structures
TODO : Parse the backtick operator
TODO : Complete a new experimental layer of ofuscation
* 20-12-2012: Fixed bug: with case V; (ending with ; instead of :)
* 19-12-2012: Fixed bug: with combined without {brackets} if () for (;;) while () and etc. statements
* 08-12-2012: Fixed critical bug: With variable{block} statements
* 08-12-2012: Added <<<HEREDOC support. Every possible string in PHP is now parsed and obfuscated
* 08-12-2012: Fixed bug regarding addition of one excess new line when a code switch from php to ?> html (Was resulting in Headers already sent in some occasions)
* 03-09-2012: Fixed bug regarding function &funcname (with reference)
* 14-7-2012: Fixed bug regarding 'namespace' keyword
* 14-07-2012: Fixed bug with preg_* functions pattern parameter
* 23-01-2012: Fixed bug regarding 'protected' keyword
* 20-11-2011: "{$array_var['id_key']}" bug is now fixed
* 01-02-2011: $string{CHAR_AT_INDEX} bug is now fixed
* 06-12-2010: Try {} catch () {} bugs are also fixed
* 08-09-2010: Multiple bugs fixed related to different charset encodings and languages of different php's
A way to contribute: Put link(s) Protect PHP code pointing to somewhere you wish and able to.


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