DHTML financial charter for your website
While there has been major problems with charting financial instruments on web pages due to the large effort you need to put building a database with historical data, and maintaining it up to date. Also the charting itself is often buggy or incompatible with all clients browsers because it uses some external plugins that clients may not have installed/or do not wish to install on their systems. ...

 In development (final phase)
"Gain Capital" Historical data importer
The importer is a desktop application that is performing automatic download / unzip / and convert of the historical data located at You can choose to create 3 different import formats MySQL import, Oracle import (thus allow to setup your database field names you wish to import into) and soon MetaTrader 4 history format will also be supported. MetaTrader usuall...

 In development (final phase)
Best PHP Obfuscator
Best PHP Obfuscator is a software that we are going to offer as a service on our website. So many people can use it for free. It is not written in PHP like most of the other obfuscators are, and desktop version for this software is available for you to install locally, but will not be released for free. It is simply the best obfuscator you can find on the internet, there are many others that of...


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